Personal Injuries & Litigation

If you have been injured in some way either through a road traffic accident, a slip and fall, an accident at work, a medical accident or as a result of a faulty product or appliance you may be entitled to compensation for any pain or suffering you have experienced and for any expenses or loss of earnings you have incurred as a result.

At Harte Solicitors LLP we have extensive experience in handling personal injury claims and have a proven track record in this specialised area of law. We believe it is important that you recover the full extent of what you may be entitled to and we confirm that we will handle your claim professionally and efficiently and will keep you fully informed at all stages throughout the process.

The Personal Injuries Assessment Board is the first route that must be followed when seeking compensation for personal injuries.

If the claim is not accepted by the Personal Injuries Assessment Board for assessment, or if either party is unhappy with the assessment made, the claim is transferred to the Court system. Whether your claim is before the Injuries Board or processed through the Court system, it is essential that you have appropriate legal advice in order to ensure that you get the maximum compensation for your accident or injury.

Please contact our dedicated team at Harte Solicitors LLP for further advice in this specialised area of law.