Local Authority Law

Harte Solicitors LLP are experts in the niche area of Local Authority Law. We have been Solicitors to Kilkenny County Council for in excess of 100 years and we also act for Kildare County Council, Tipperary County Council and Westmeath County Council. Accordingly, we know what it takes to provide an effective and expeditious service in this specialised area of law.

We are very mindful that Local Authorities are service providers to the public and we fully appreciate and understand the integral part that the legal advisors play in facilitating the provision of services to the public.

Our wealth of knowledge and experience in this area is unparalleled and our areas of expertise include:

  1. Planning Law.
  2. Compulsory Purchase Orders.
  3. Arbitration.
  4. Code Enforcement.
  5. Waste Management.
  6. Property Based Services.
  7. Litigation.
  8. Litter Prosecutions.
  9. Employment Law.

For professional advice in this area, please contact our experienced team at Harte Solicitors LLP.