Residential & Commercial Property

At Harte Solicitors LLP we have vast experience in dealing with all areas of commercial and residential property. We have provided legal services to a wide variety of clients in all conveyancing matters including developers, investors, financial institutions, property investors, first time buyers, farmers, landlords and tenants.

We have considerable experience in acting for clients whose land has been subject to Compulsory Purchase Order.

We have acted for clients throughout Ireland and our wealth of experience and our understanding of property law enables us to provide a thorough and effective service to our clients at an affordable price.

We provide specialist legal advice in the following areas:-

  1. Sale or purchase of houses and apartments.
  2. Mortgages and re-mortgages.
  3. Sale or purchase of commercial property.
  4. Commercial Leases for both tenants and developers.
  5. Planning and Environmental Law.
  6. Landlord and Tenant issues.
  7. Boundary issues.
  8. Compulsory Purchase Orders.
  9. Sale, purchase or transfer of agricultural lands.

Please contact our office in relation to any property matter for a prompt and efficient service.