Notary Public

John G. Harte is a Notary Public for the City and County of Kilkenny. He was appointed by the Chief Justice of The Supreme Court in 2008 and is commissioned for life. As a Notary he is experienced in dealing with the following matters:-

  1. Powers of Attorney for overseas property transactions.
  2. Notarising documents in connection with overseas adoptions.
  3. Certifying Company documentation as true copies for use overseas.
  4. Certifying degrees and educational qualifications in connection with working overseas, especially Australia and South Korea.
  5. Administering Oaths and executing Declarations in connection with overseas Affidavits and Statutory Declarations.

John G. Harte is registered with the USA Embassy and has filed his credentials with over 70 Foreign Embassies in Dublin and London.

Please contact John G Harte for all your Notary requirements.